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Atari Warlords Recharged

 Atari has been bring out some really great games under their Recharged banner. They have taken their arcade classics and given them a new modern look with some awesome music, and the game play has stayed the same that truly makes it special. Not only do they release the game on multiple platforms, but also for their new Atari VCS.  We feel here at Dadisajoke that the VCS is missing a killer app and we think we have found it. One of Atari's classic games that was also ported for the 2600 was Warlords. Now the reason why we are calling this a killer app, is that it can bring friends and family back to the couch. Having the ability to have 4 players playing on the same screen and do a Recharge make over on it, will be awesome. This is what Atari is all about. Take a look at our video where we discuss this in little more detail.  

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