High Scores on Pitfall II for both the Atari 2600 and the 5200

 The Son of Dadisajoke has taken the challenge to get the high scores for Pitfall II on both Atari consoles the 2600 and 5200. 

Pitfall II is the sequel to the smash hit game Pitfall! by David Crane of Activision. Pitfall! was the must get game for the 2600, and then ported over to the 5200. Both games where masterpieces that only can come from David Crane. 

We also found some interesting deference's that the 5200 has compared to the 2600, and we are not just talking a graphical upgrade.  

So take a look at the action and let us know if you can spot the differences.

Atari 2600


Atari 5200