One Year of Live Streaming

 Wow, it's officially been one year of streaming, and it feels like we just started yesterday. It's amazing to see the humble beginning to what we have accomplished up to now. 

We started off on Twitch and streamed live there for a while and at the same time uploaded the live streams to our YouTube channel for others to see. Once all the hate raiding on twitch started we moved the whole show to YouTube. We were frustrated with the lack of action by twitch and there lack of support for small streamers, so the move to YouTube was more natural. It's a mature platform and knowing Google and YouTube they do not put up with any shenanigan's. 

Now, it the adventure hasn't been easy, we are still struggling for subscribers but at least the views have been steady and there have been some viral moments. To be honest we love the struggle, it humbles us and makes us work harder to bring the best in gaming and entertainment. 

Here is our first video we uploaded from April 16th 2021...

Also we have evolved, from streaming new modern games to streaming retro games, the audience has show us that the retro gaming is what they like and we are going to focus on that. Our video series Retro Arcade vs Retro Console has been a huge hit for us, and we will continue to make more.

Also, Atari with the advent of their new Atari VCS 800, and the creation of the Recharged series of games, has made retro gaming exciting all over again. We don't have a VCS yet, and we want to get one soon, but we have been streaming the PC versions of the games. How can you go wrong with new and exciting versions of Asteroids, Missile Command, Centipede, Black Widow and Breakout.

At this point we would like to that our fans who stuck with us from the beginning and also like to thank in advance our new fans. 

It's been one year, but it's not going to stop there. We will continue to stream and upload videos as free time permits. We had so much fun this past year that we look forward to many more. 


Here are our Top 5 videos from the past year.




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