Comprehensive Review of the AverMedia Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus


AverMedia Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus

Welcome to the comprehensive review of this AverMedia capture card and we compare it to a cheap capture card from Amazon that we previously bought that gave us a ton of headaches.

Amazon Capture Capture Card

Before we jump into the review, check out the Unboxing video we did, that also has a ton of information in it relating to this review.

Now the reason why we needed a capture card was to be able to capture Retropie from our Raspberry Pie. People love to watch old retro arcade and retro console games being played and we thought this was a great opportunity to share that.

Now, we first purchased a cheap capture card from Amazon (pictured above) to save some money and think that this should do the trick. Well, the issue became apparent when the device gets hot and when it does the frame rate drops from 60 to 2. Our chat would remind us that, and we would have to reselect the device in our streaming software and restart it, then it would work again and then start to fail after a short time.

Here is an example of the issue that I have been explaining.

Also, as you can see in the video, the passthru is perfect but the stream is just horrible. 

One of the best features to us is that you can record your content without a PC. The PC Free mode records your content directly to a microSD card that you have to provide yourself. With this you can record your content, then take the device to a PC, select the Card Reader mode, and copy your stuff from the device to your PC for editing. This one hell of a cool feature, if you don't want to go live all the time.

The video below will show how your content will look when edit it and upload it.

Everything is nice and smooth and no dropped frames.

Last but not least, is the PC to PC mode using AverMedia's RECentral streaming software. The software connects to all platforms but is very basic, but still does the job. Now, the one good thing about using their software, there is no hardware setup frustration, It detects the HW right away.
When you play the video below, it shows this. The one thing we still need to figure out is the echo in the voice. We think the problem is in the software, all of the MIC ports are open thus causing the problem. This is not a major issue just a configuration issue that we still need to figure out.

Here is the live streamed video, using again their software to YouTube. 

Everything again looks great, no slow downs no need for us to reset the HW, just fire and forget.

Now do we recommend this device? Hell ya! If you are on a budget, please don't waste your money on the cheapo Amazon device, wait for a sale on the AverMedia and jump on it! You will be in streaming heaven. 

If you want to get one, just click the link below to Amazon. (This will help me a lot)