OBS and Streamlabs, a Cautionary Tale


I have been in the software industry for 25 years and what streamlabs has pulled on OBS is complete and utter crap! How can Streamlabs live with themselves using the name OBS and not working with OBS to solve the issue or make it so that they both can live together. Streamlabs took the name and added some extras that were not available on OBS and charged an arm and a leg for it. I got suckered into paying for a 1 year subscription. 

To be completely honest I tried OBS and found it confusing, it wasn't user friendly in my opinion. Streamlabs came along and made it easier, but the configuration website is a complete mess. Again, just way too much stuff going on.

After feeling that I got ripped off, I gave Gamecaster a try, to see what they offer and if they can make my life easier. Right off the bat I noticed how easy it was to get setup and get streaming within. I was super happy with it and streamed for about 6 months, then I decided to get cheeky and make some nice little changes to the theme and to make it my own, and I didn't break out in a sweat. Also, Gamecaster just introduced Gamecaster Pro, and guess what, it's cheap compared to the crooks at Streamlabs. Check it out for yourself and you will be surprised.

So if you are on the fence or trying to decide between OBS and Streamlabs, I urge you to check out Gamecaster, because the popular streaming apps are not always the best.