Update: Microprose Tiny Combat Arena Delayed till February 2022

 Update, I just checked to see if the game was still coming out this month, but it looks like it's delayed till Feb 2022.

Tiny Combat Area by Microprose is one of the most anticipated games of this year for me. 

Now you are probably asking why? Being a simulation gamer since the mid 80's this game takes me back to that time. The graphics look the same albeit at way higher resolution compared to the days of VGA (640x480).

I should be getting this game Day 1 and will stream the crap out of it. It may not bring the hoards of fans to watch me play it because it's not a AAA title, but I don't care. The nostalgia in this game for me is through the roof. I'm going to be in Tiny Combat Area heaven when I get my hands on this.

So check out the video that Microprose put together below and let me know if you are jazzed for this too